BREXIT - Prophecy Against Britain

BREXIT - Prophecy Against Britain
by Prophet Victoria Adekoya
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BREXIT - A Vivid Prophecy Against Britain by Prophet Victoria Adekoya BREXIT - A Vivid Prophecy Against Britain by Prophet Victoria Adekoya, This book is to analyze and show that God does not forget any one or any nation. It is to show that God keeps records of what is happening everywhere no matter how great or minute they are in the sight of men. As a prophet and intercessor called of God to these positions over a period of twenty years, God has led me to see, declare and pray over situations He wants to manifest in many nations especially my country Nigeria. When He gave me the second name of the ministry, ‘The Jury Ministry’ He told me to use it to kill and destroy what He has not allowed in the church and in the nations. Jer.1;10. I want to take this opportunity to let people know that no matter your experience in the secular, God will utilize it in your spiritual calling. In fact He takes you through those experiences in order to prepare you for your spiritual future. I was a student at the London School of Economics, a college of the University of London when the institution started the Gay Liberation Movement in 1970.This is the organisation which promotes homosexuality not just in Europe, but also in other nations of the world. I recently discovered that LSE is the home to Hall-Carpenters Archives, Britain’s major resource for the study of Lesbianism in the UK since the publication of the Wolfend Report in 1957. In fact my hall warden while there was a homosexual. In my naivety I thought it was fun seeing men dance with men and women with women. My university prides itself in having atheistic founders and foundation. It celebrates homosexuality but frowns at having a Christian chaplaincy in its premises. The United Kingdom had been in the forefront of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the earth for more than 400 years. In fact Christians in that country are currently celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible version. This was the first Bible translation that made the Bible available to the common people all over the nations of the earth. Many missionaries from the United Kingdom like William Carey, David Livingstone, Mary Slessor etc. sowed their lives into the cause of preaching the gospel in the nations. However, over the past century or so, spiritual apostacy had crept into the country from Orkney and Shetlands in Scotland in the north, down to Lands End in Cornwall in the south. Even Wales, the birth place of the Wesleys has become apostate. New age had crept in I am told, through the propagation of anti Christian declaration of Alice Bailey, a British woman born into a Christian home in 1880, served in the YMCA, migrated to the US, married a Christian, divorced, received a visitation from a master Tibetan Dual Kool telepathically and wrote 24 books in 46 years before she died around 1965. Search Terms: Parliament, Westminister, Queen of England, Scotland, England, London, prophetic, Prophectic, Prayer, United Kingdom, Prophecy, BREXIT




















BREXIT - Prophecy Against Britain Prophet Victoria Adekoya














Prophet Victoria Adekoya


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